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E-commerce integration

Our AI Budtender integrates with your e-commerce menu to:
Connect product inventory: We never display out-of-stock products.
Get product info: We display the product's name, brand, and image.
Link to products: We link to products so customers can shop right away.
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A graphic demonstrating StrainBrain's ability to integrate with dutchie, Jane, Weedmaps, Blaze, and Tymber.
A woman being loyal to her cannabis dispensary because of the AI Budtender.

Loyalty provider integration

Our AI Budtender integrates with your loyalty provider to:
Sign up shoppers for loyalty: At some shops, we're responsible for 30% of all new sign-ups!
Analyze audiences: Get a complete view of subscriber preferences and get high quality customer engagement.
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Website deployment

Integrate our AI Budtender onto your website no matter how you built it.
Website-builders like Wix, Squarespace, or Wordpress
Headless e-commerce (including Dutchie Plus and Jane Roots) and its providers like Rank Really High.
Custom websites made from scratch.
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...and any others!
A tablet hosting StrainBrain's AI Budtender to help dispensary customers self-serve.
A kiosk hosting StrainBrain's AI Budtender to help dispensary customers self-serve.
In-store Solutions

Kiosks and tablets

Our AI Budtender in your stores can increase operational efficiency and store throughput.
Kiosks: We are compatible with most kiosks and can also recommend new hardware.
Tablets: We are compatible with every tablet.
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Integration FAQ

Have questions? We have answers.

What about my Point-of-Sale (POS)?

We don't need a direct integration into your dispensary's POS system! We can hitch a ride on the e-commerce's POS integration to get inventory data.

I am a software provider that wants to add a StrainBrain integration. How do I do that?

That's great! Please get in touch here with details on your company and the type of integration requested.

I don't see my e-commerce/loyalty provider listed. Will I still be able to use your software?

It depends! We may be able to add a new integration with your provider, or we may be able to provide service without an integration. The only way to know for sure is to get a demo.

How long does it take to add an integration?

Once you're set up on the StrainBrain dashboard, you can add both loyalty and e-commerce integrations in about 5 minutes.

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