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A label showing an 12x ROAS (return on ad spend) for cannabis brand advertising on StrainBrain.
A graphic demonstrating the revenue-boosting potential of StrainBrain's cannabis brand advertising.
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Boost sales at retailers you want to prioritize — think Google Search ads, but for cannabis.
Sky-high ROAS: The ultimate form of cannabis advertising — the budtender consistently suggesting your products.
Retailer alignment: The retailer gets a part of the revenue, so they are incentivized to prioritize your brand as much as possible.
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The Consume Cannabis retail team posing for a picture.

Consume Cannabis Retail Case Study

Learn about how Consume Cannabis — an MSO operating in MI, AZ, IL, and OH — leveraged the AI Budtender to create massive business value.
Cannabis grown in Michigan, probably from a brand advertising with StrainBrain Boosts.

Michigan Flower Brand Case Study

Learn about how a flower brand in Michigan boosted sales by 166% and accomplished a 12x ROAS using StrainBrain Boosts.

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